Copy of Our Story

How we got started

We love interior design, music and having friends over. Showing our recently re-decorated home and chatting over a coffee we where continuously confronted with the fact that our home looked very nice, but ‘sounded very bad’... Sounds familiar?

Easewall started with the search for a solution for the acoustical problem in our home. After decorating it looked very nice, but the acoustics where just, well, really bad...

We did not want to re-build our home; so heavy construction changes were a no-go. Also, big elements like ‘baffles' and 'ceiling hanging sound absorbers’ where just not a fit with our style.


Acoustics are determined by physics and those tell us that in order to improve a room’s performance you need to add a considerable amount of dampening/soundproofing material to achieve a good result.

We searched for a solution for a while but never found a good product for our needs. One day however, it struck us that we could transform the walls themselves itself into sound absorbers.

Research and Development

After careful research and development we created a product that:

  • Dampens sound frequencies in the speech range effectively
  • Looks even better than traditional wallpaper.
  • Feels so soft you want to touch it.
  • Is extremely easy to install and take care of.
  • is created out of re-cycled materials.
Finally at ease with our solution, we where so enthusiastic about the product that soon after, Easewall was born!

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