- We advise to apply Easewall on a wall, not on ceilings or floors. 
- Apply on bare, untreated surfaces.
- The surface should be smooth, dry, well degreased and dust free.
- Pre-measure the whole surface.
- Cut material with a sharp knife



STEP 1: measure

Measure the height of the wall from baseboard to ceiling. As some walls are not perfectly perpendicular, be sure to check if height is the same on both sides of one lane (75 cm apart). Add 2 centimeters.

Easewall will be cut to exact length after installation. 

STEP 2: cut to length

Place the roll on a flat surface, with the backing facing upward. Always measure on the back of the roll. Use the measured height + 2cm from step 1.

Mark length on both sides of the roll. Draw a line between. This is your guideline for cutting. Make sure to cut perpendicular (if this applies to your walls). 

Cut the material using a sharp knife and a steel or aluminium ruler or cutting tool. Don't try to cut the whole material in one go, use only light pressure. Never use strong pressure.

* Place a protective layer underneath material to avoid damage while cutting. 

** There will be some shrinking once the self-adhesive backing is removed. So never cut to precise length, always use the safety margin of 2cm. 

Step 3: install on the wall

Remove the self-adhesive backing of the top 10-15 cm and start installing at the ceiling. Gently push the material in the corner or against the previous lane of Easewall. Work your way down by removing more and more of the backing and pressing down the material.  


STEP 4: final adjustments
Using a sharp knife and a steel or aluminium ruler or cutting tool. Cut the material to exact length above the baseboard after placement.

STEP 5: repeat

For every following lane, repeat the same proces.

OPTIONAL: pattern matching

Easewall is available in many designs. All of which can be placed on a wall, without matching the print.

If you do desire to match the print. Please note that there will be more loss of material when matching designs due to cutting loss. 

On the first lane you have installed on the wall. Find a spot, as near to the ceiling as you can, where you can match the pattern. Measure the distance from that point to the ceiling.

On the next lane you are preparing for installation. Find the same spot that matches the one you've used for measurement. From that point, use the distance to the ceiling you just measured. Put a perpendicular line at that height and cut the material. 

Now you can follow steps 1-4. 




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