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Why consider acoustical wallpaper?

Why use acoustical wallpaper over traditional foam panels?

What's the first thing that comes to your mind when remodelling or building a house from scratch?

Aside from wanting to keep a close eye on the budget, we bet you want the end result to look beautiful, too. Right?

We all dream of this cut-out-of-a-magazine vibe (or are we the only ones?), and the list of questions you've lined up for yourself to achieve this atmosphere probably include:

  • Should we install blinds or curtains? How much light comes through?
  • What kind of flooring should we pick? Wood, concrete, floor tiles?
  • What is the best way to position the furniture? Where to put the bed, couch, TV?
  • Shall we go for a white, light grey, or even something more daring for the walls?

Take a closer look at this list of questions, and you'll notice that all of these only provide answers to how the space eventually will look - and not how it will sound.

In other words, what's the sound quality going to be like? Will there be echoes with sound waves bouncing against the walls?

Couple picking decor

Good acoustics can be part of both the look and feel of your home

Sure, picking soft curtains, using rugs on a wooden floor, and opting for a fabric-upholstered couch with plenty of cushions and throws can help improve the sound.

But all these measures might not be sufficient to reduce echo and ultimately improve acoustics in your room to a comfortable level.

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Now, achieving a specific look is one thing, but you want the look and feel to go hand in hand. The best way to do that is by carefully figuring out how to make the space sound good.

Obvious as it sounds (and you may not believe this), but the acoustics of our homes are SO often forgotten.

Use your walls to achieve better sound quality

Whether your space is brand new or part of a remodelling project, you've probably come across the three most common wall finishes: paint, wallpaper, and plaster.

With any of these wall finishes, you have total freedom to go wild or keep your space muted. But there's one thing that no paint, wallpaper, or plaster can do, and that's to help combat echoes and reverberation.

In most cases, we finish the interior, only to conclude later that the sound is bad - sometimes even really bad!

When this happens, there's typically only one thing to do: add soundproofing products to your space to reduce noise and get rid of some of the excess echo.
"Ugh, acoustic foam panels?"

We hear you. You're not alone with the perception that acoustic panels are bland and unflattering.

But there are other soundproofing products you can use to beat noise while experiencing a real difference in the sound quality of your home.

Sound-absorbing wallpaper is your best ally to beat noise at home

Without any sound dampening elements in your space, you'll continue to experience poor sound control.

So, what are the best and good-looking interior options for noise reduction at home? The short answer is sound-absorbing wallpaper.

Acoustic wallpaper, like Easewall, is an excellent alternative to absorb noise without purchasing traditional acoustic foam panels. At first glance, it looks like regular wallpaper, but close-up, it's even better (and much nicer to touch with its felt surface).

With a self-adhesive backing, it's super easy to install - just peel off the backing and stick it to the wall.

Apart from easy installation, sound-absorbing wallpaper comes in numerous designs that fit any interior!

For instance, opt for a color that matches your existing palette or pick a pattern that will make your space stand out.

To experience the soft feel and test the different colours in your space, get your free samples sent to your home. It's the absolute best way to take the wallpaper for a test drive.

Order samples here

If you're looking for more inspiration on how to apply and style our soundproofing wallpaper, head over to our Instagram (@easewall), where we daily share insights to get you started on improving the acoustic in your home. See you there!

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