Case study - Applying Easewall on a small room with a low ceiling and bad acoustics

A room that sounds so bad you whisper instead of talk

Jorg - 'Before and after is a completely different room. The Easewall product did not only solve the acoustics in our room, it also gave it an exquisite look. We will be looking into applying Easewall in our other rooms as well!' 

This case study is about a small dining / meeting room in a classy old monastery building.

The owners of the building contacted us because the particular room sounded so awful that if two or more people would enter it they would immediately lower their voice.

This is because the echo in the room (reverberation time) is so bad that having a conversation at the normal sound level is just uncomfortable.

Reverberation measurement setup

We did a test measurement before and after to determine the effect of placing Easewall. In this case two walls of Easewall where applied.

One of the colors installed was Mono - Fog

The result was astonishing according to our client.


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