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Acoustic panels

Acoustic panels

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Checkmark icon Highly effective sound-absorber, 4x more effective at improving acoustics.
Checkmark icon 5 year guarantee.
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  • Most effective acoustic panels on the market
  • Return within 30 days
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Sound absorbing panels that integrate into any interior and noticeably improve your home acoustics.


  • 2,4 m x 0,6 m (1,44 m2)
  • 21 mm thick high-density acoustic felt
  • Unique sloped slat design

Minimum order quantity: 2 panels

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Looking for personalized advice?

Curious about the right amount of acoustic panels for your room? Wondering about optimal placement?

We're here to help. Call us at +31 85 06 05 696 for personalized advice and solutions. Speak directly with our knowledgeable experts who will assess your room's unique characteristics.

Receive recommendations on the ideal quantity and placement of panels for your specific room to achieve the desired acoustic improvements. Whether it's a cozy home office, a bustling living room, or a professional studio, our experts will help you strike the perfect balance between aesthetics and acoustic performance.

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4x more effective at absorbing sound

Acoustic panels that work wonders

Our acoustic panels have a great capacity to absorb sound.

Our panels work up to 4 times better than wooden slat panels.

Crafted entirely from high-density acoustic felt, these panels excel in absorbing sound, making them even more effective.

Due to their high effectiveness, adding a few panels to your interior can make a big difference.

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Easy instal acoustic panels

We thought about all the details

We believe in keeping complex things, like acoustics, as simple as possible.

That’s why all of our products are easy to install. You can easily mount the panels with screws in a matter of minutes. Or apply them directly to the wall using an adhesive kit.

So let’s get started!

  • Our acoustic panels have a great capacity to absorb sound. They're most effective at speech (mid-) and high range frequencies, which are usually the problem. Our acoustic panels are more almost 4x as effective at doing so as wooden slat panels, since they consist solely out of acoustic felt. There's no need for additional foam/rockwool behind the panels.

Order samples

Don't take our word for it..try them out yourself.

Samples are the best way to get a good impression. This way you can see, feel and try out different designs at home. So that you know for sure what the right choice is, to make the most of your home.


Why are your acoustic panels 4x more effective?

Our acoustic panels are completely made from high density acoustic felt. This is why they are almost 4x as effective as wooden slat panels.

Most acoustic panels consist of only a thin layer of felt with laminated wooden slats on top. Although the wooden slats might look good, they acutally reduce the acoustic performace. As sounds bounces off them, back into the room.

My wall is higher than 2.4m, how can I solve this?

It’s not a problem when your walls are higher than 2.40 m – the panels look beautifull even if they don't cover the total area from baseboard to the ceiling.

Alternatvely, the panels can easily be mounted on top of each other, to achieve any length you want. They can be cut with a plunge saw.

We don't provide custom sizing, our panels only come in a standard dimension of 2.4x 0.6 m.

How can I calculate how many panels I need?

To calculate the amount of panels you need, follow the next steps:

Step 1: measure height and width of the wall

Step 2: divide the width of the wall (in m) by 0,6 (width of one panel in meters). Always round up to whole numbers.

If you want help calculating how many panels you need for your project, you can always email or call us.

I hear noise from neighbours/adjacent rooms, will your panels solve this?

Acoustic panels can unfortunately not stop sound transfering from one room to another. The main purpose of panels is to prevent the sound waves from being reflected back into the room by absorbing reverberation.

How do I install the acoustic panels?

Go directly to our installation manual to find out more about installation.

How about fire hazard? What classification are your panels?

Our acoustic panels have the following fire class: B - s1, d0. Which means:
B: product is classified as almost non-flammable.
S1: product has low smoke development.
D0: product does not show any droplet formation in case of fire.

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