Many rooms suffer from poor acoustics. You probably recognize it. Beautiful large rooms with plastered walls facilitate reverberation.

Without good acoustics, a room can feel cold and uncomfortable.

Also, it is hard to add enough dampening material to a room without overuse of outspoken products which impact aesthetics. Fortunately, we provide a solution to this challenge. Use the walls to improve the acoustics and add atmosphere.

With seamless acoustic wallpaper or acoustic panels you can seamlessly integrate an acoustic solution into your style. Whether you want a unnoticeable solution or an outspoken one. This way you can easily improve the acoustics and add warmth to your clients home.

New: Seamless acoustic wallpaper

Easewall presents the latest solution in the acoustic field: Seamless acoustic wallpaper.

The revolutionary, seamless design provides a smooth, uninterrupted surface that blends effortlessly into the interior. This way you help your customer with better acoustics, without compromising the style of the room.

Available in RAL colors and our carefully selected color collection.

Looking for a distinctive solution? Our custom design service now allows you to have your own design put on our acoustic wallpaper.

  • Our products have the highest sound absorption per mm thickness in the market. Choose what fits your interior best to get the best result possible.

Easewall founders posing before Easewall Raw Forest design with Easewall boxes

We are Easewall

We develop high-quality acoustic products in a sustainable way and have the expertise to help you solve acoustic challenges. Our products are not only super effective, but also aesthetically pleasing.

If you choose acoustic products from Easewall, you choose a sustainable product. We develop and design each of our products ourselves.

From the start, we have taken sustainability into account. That's why all our products are made from recycled materials. Our products are produced in the EU.

We like to keep complex things, such as acoustics in the home, as simple as possible. That's why all our products are user-friendly.

Even though we are constantly growing. You can always contact us directly for questions or advice.

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