Acoustic wallpaper immediately helps you improve the acoustics in your home, so that you can enjoy a comfortable space again.

A soundproofing wallpaper has a sound-absorbing effect, so that fewer sounds bounce back into the room. Sounds get absorbed into the soft material, due to its thickness of 8 mm. As a result, reverberation disappears and the room feels warm and comfortable.

Easewall soundproofing wallpaper is a sustainable product made from 100% recycled acoustic felt. A unique self-adhesive layer has been added to the back, making installation easy.

Looking for the perfectly smooth finish?

Easewall has developed an innovative, patented, seamless sound-absorbing acoustic wallpaper. With a thickness of 8 mm, it helps you to improve the acoustics even better.To ensure a smooth result a seamless toplayer is ironed on top. It is available in both RAL colors and custom designs. There are 20+ designs in our collection available to match your taste. You can also create a unique product with your own custom design.

Order acoustic wallpaper at

Ordering acoustic walpaper at is easy. We have a wide range of designs and colours on stock. Find a design that will compliment your interior. We found a way to create acoustic product that look appealing. So you can improve your home acoustics with style.

Not ready to order yet? We offer samples for all of our acoustic products. Samples are the best way to get a good impression. This way you can see, feel and try out different designs at home. So that you know for sure what the right choice is, to make the most of your home. Your can find our samples here.

Seamless acoustic wallpaper -

Acoustic wallpaper Sound-absorbing wallpaper

Do you want to improve the acoustics in your home? Acoustic wallpaper is the best choice for you if you are looking for a solution that blends seamlessly into your interior and at the same time significantly improves the acoustics.

Transform your bare walls into acoustic walls. You won't even notice that you added an acoustic product. Make the annoying reverberation in your house disappear without taking away from your personal style.

In addition to great acoustics, the wallpaper can also create a good atmosphere. The space feels warmer, and you can comfortably talk to each other again.

Easewall Raw Copper, Forest and Dust designs rolls rolled out over the floor showing designs

Types of acoustic wallpaper

Acoustic wallpaper is known under different names, such as: sound absorbing wallpaper, sound dampening wallpaper, and soundproofing wallpaper.

Acoustic wallpaper consists of acoustic felt, which is very effective in absorbing sound due to the thickness and composition of the material. At Easewall, the felt is made from recycled PET bottles. So that you are not only smart, but also sustainable.

The wallpaper is available in different designs. Easewall acoustic wallpaper can be applied directly to almost any wall. The wallpaper is available in different designs. Easewall acoustic wallpaper can be applied directly to almost any wall. The wallpaper is available in different designs. The wallpaper is ordered at custom sizing, so that it matches your walls sizing. You can easily manipulate the material and cut it to size.

Acoustic or acoustical wallpaper

However you spell it, acoustic wallpaper helps you improve the acoustics in the room. It has a sound-absorbing effect. Due to its thickness, unlike regular wallpaper, it can absorb sound. As a result, sound reflects less into the room. Because of this, your room will sound more quite and comfortable.


Does acoustic wallpaper work?

Acoustic wallpaper is an innovative wallpaper specially designed to absorb sound. Due to its composition, it absorbs sound waves and prevents them from reverberating in space.

It helps to make the acoustics in the house pleasant again, so that you can enjoy warm sounds.

How much does acoustic wallpaper cost?

Acoustic wallpaper is available from about 85 euros per m2. Below you will find a comparison between the most commonly used acoustic products and their prices.


Wall finish

Cost / m2

Acoustic dampening

 Acoustic wallpaper

Ready for wallpaper

€85-95 euro


Easewall acoustic panels

€ 100

Acoustic panels


€ 90 - 130


Acoustic panels + mineral wool

Ready for wallpaper

€ 120 - 160


Acoustic painting


€ 200 - 400 euro



How to install acoustic wallpaper?

Acoustic wallpaper from Easewall has a self-adhesive backing layer, so that the wall does not need to be pre-treated. You can easily stick the product on the wall yourself, or have it installed if you prefer.

Advantage: because you can apply the sound-absorbing wallpaper directly to any wall, you even save on the costs of plastering a wall. It can be taken directly on a ''wallpaper-ready wall''.

Acoustic panels -

Acoustic panels

Looking for a solution that can make a big difference on a relatively small surface?

Our acoustic panels have an excellent ability to absorb sound.

The acoustic panels are almost 4x as effective as wooden slat panels, because they consist exclusively of acoustic felt.

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