We care about quality

We develop high-quality acoustic products in a sustainable way. We help families around the world improve their home acoustics, so they can feel at ease. 

We believe in high quality products and a killer customer service. 

That's why over the past few years, we have done extensive research and development to get to the best acoustic products that: 

  • Dampen sound frequencies in the speech range effectively
  • Are extremely easy to install and take care of
  • Are created out of re-cycled materials.

We think there's beauty in keeping complex things, like home acoustics, as simple as we can. That's why all of our product are easy to use.

The team.     
We care about innovation.


Easewall was founded several years ago, in a search to solve the acoustical problem in our own home. We, Martijn and Kirsty, had recently moved to a new place. And after decorating it looked very nice.

But when having friends and family over we were confronted with the fact that our home looked very nice, but ‘sounded very bad’... Sounds familiar?

We did not want to re-build our home; so heavy construction changes were a no-go. Also, big elements like ‘baffles' and 'ceiling hanging sound absorbers’ where just not a fit with our style. We found out many of our friends experienced the same issues. 

So we developed an out-of-the-box product. Acoustic wallpaper. We used our experience with interior design and acoustics to create a sustainable, sound-absorbing product which transformed our walls into massive sound absorbers.     

Our service
We care about you.

We care a lot about our customers. You.
Your input has helped us perfect our product. That's why we love your feedback.

We make products for real people to use. We want you to enjoy your Easewall. That's why we give you a 5-year guarantee on the product. And you can return within 30 days. Find our return policy here

Even-though we are constantly growing. You will always be able to reach us directly. 


Martijn@easewall.com | +31 (0) 85 06 05 696   

Kirsty@easewall.com | +31 (0) 85 06 05 696 

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