Sound absorbing panels and wallpaper made from acoustic felt

Up to 4x better sound absorption, and more sustainable

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Improve your home acoustics with ease

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Highly effective acoustic products

Turn your walls into acoustic sound absorbers by using our acoustic panels or acoustic wallpaper

Plastic granulate

Made from recycled waste

Sustainable is part of our DNA.

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All of our products are easy to use.

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Sound on!

Why choose between style and function? We combine good-looking products with acoustic performance.

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We are Easewall.

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Acoustics, easily explained.

Are you looking for good or perfect acoustics?

One wall

Do you have a beautiful concrete floor, plaster walls and high ceilings in your living room?

Apply our products to at least one side of your room and experience 'good acoustics.

Two walls

Do you want perfect acoustics in your living room, home office or kitchen?

Apply our acoustic products to at least two walls in the same room. Your space will feel warm, comfortable and will nevertheless look great.


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Are you an interior designer or architect and would you like to use our products in a future project?

Find out how we can work together. Please shoot us a message here, or order an A&D sample package*

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Easwall samples samplebox packaging


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