Acoustic wallpanels immediately help you improve the acoustics in your home, so that you can enjoy a comfortable space again. Acoustic wallpanels have a sound-absorbing effect, so that fewer sounds bounce back into the room. Sounds get absorbed into the soft material, due to its thickness of 21 mm. As a result, reverberation disappears and the room feels warm and comfortable again.

Easewall acoustic wallpanels are made of 100% acoustic felt. As a result, the acoustic wall panels work up to 4x better than wooden slat panels. There are multipele designs available to match your taste. Delivery from stock.

Buy acoustic wall panels at

Ordering acoustic wallpanels at is easy. We have a range colours on stock. Find a design that will compliment your interior. We found a way to create acoustic products that look appealing. So you can improve your home acoustics with style.

Not ready to order yet? We offer samples for all of our acoustic products. Samples are the best way to get a good impression. This way you can see, feel and try out different designs at home. So that you know for sure what the right choice is, to make the most of your home. Your can find our samples here.

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Acoustic wallpanels improve the acoustics in every room

Do you want to improve the acoustics in your home?

Our acoustic panels have an excellent ability to absorb sound.

They are most effective at speech (mid) and high frequencies, which are usually the problem.

The acoustic panels are almost 4x as effective as wooden slat panels, because they consist exclusively of acoustic felt.

Acoustic panels are the best choice for you if you are looking for a solution that can make a big difference on a relatively small surface and has a stylish look.

Dimensions of acoustic wallpanels

Acoustic panels are available in a size of 2.4m x 0.6m.

They work up to 4x better than wooden slat panels. This is because they are made entirely of high-density acoustic felt, unlike wooden slats that reflect sound.

Due to the high effectiveness of our acoustic panels, adding a few panels to your interior can already make a big difference.

Chic and stylish look due to an acoustic wall panel

Acoustic wall panels are the ideal addition to your interior. Not only do they help improve the acoustics, they are also a stylish addition to your interior.

By adding an acoustic wall panel, you can transform your living room or office into a warm, modern space.


What size acoustic wall panel should I buy?

An acoustic wallpanel has a size of 2.4m x 0.6m and can easily be cut to size with a sharp box cutter. They can be combined to any desired height.

Acoustic wall panels are designed in such a way that they can be applied directly to any wall. You can use them in any desired room, such as the living room, the office or even the kitchen.

Due to the high effectiveness of our acoustic wallpanels, adding a few panels to your interior can already make a big difference. They can be placed on both the wall as the ceiling.

Why buy an acoustic wall panel from

The acoustic panels from are one of a kind.

Our acoustic panels are made from 100% acoustic felt. Because of this, the panels are up to 4x more effective in absorbing sound than wooden slat panels.

Not only are they able to absorb all disturbing sounds in your room due to their unique composition. The panels are a real eye-catcher due to the elegant design with sloped slats.

Easewall acoustic panels performance vs wooden slat panels