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See and feel our samples and match them to your own interior. We provide large product samples shipped to your door. We ship worldwide, the next business day!

sound absorbing wallpaper

Turn your walls into giant sound-absorbers

With our acoustic wallpaper or acoustic panels you can seamlessly integrate an acoustic solution into your style.

To improve acoustics, you need volume. But you don’t want ugly, bulky products in your beautiful space.

Be smart, use the walls.

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Great sound absorption

High class sound absorption

Our acoustic products are great at absorbing sound.

They're most effective at speech (mid-) and high range frequencies, which are usually the problem.

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Detail of backing of Easewall acoustical wallpaper showing self-adhesive layer peel off

Easy instal acoustic wallpaper

We thought about all the details

We believe in keeping complex things, like acoustics, as simple as possible.

That’s why all of our products are easy to install.

So let’s get started!

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Hear the difference

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Improve your acoustics with ease

We develop high-quality acoustic products in a sustainable way. We help families around the world improve their home acoustics, so they can feel at ease.

That's why over the past few years, we have done extensive research and development to get to the best acoustic products that:

  • Highly effective acoustic products

    Turn your walls into acoustic sound absorbers by using our acoustic wallpaper or acoustic panels.

  • Get started with your project

    All of our products are easy to install and easy to maintain.

  • Made from recycled waste

    We develop and design each of our products ourselves. We've kept sustainability in mind from the start. That's why all of our products are made from recycled materials.

  • Our products have the highest sound absorption per mm thickness in the
    market. Choose what fits your interior best to get the best result possible.