Acoustic wallpaper

How can a wallpaper improve my acoustics?

You're right to doubt about this. Normal wallpaper cannot. But acoustic wallpaper is not ''just'' wallpaper. It is made out of recycled felt, instead of paper.

It is a lot thicker than average wallpaper. Compared to normal wallpaper it's about 20 times as thick (6mm). When soundswave hit the wallpaper, they will be absorbed into the material.

Even more than wallpaper, it looks like a very luxurious walldecoration once installed. And is very soft to touch.

Is it hard to instal acoustic wallpaper?

Not at all. Installation is easy. It has a self-adhesive layer. You peel of the backing, and stick the material to the wall. All you have to do is adjust the length to the height of your ceiling.

No special treatments needed. Re-adjust if necessary. If you ever want to replace of remove. Just pull it back off.

You receive your product on roll. Just like with wallpaper. We ship it to you in a box.

What about the self-adhesive backing? Will it stick to any wall?

Any type of wall? Probably not. But almost every type? Certainly!

The wall does not have to be plastered perfectly smooth. A fine relief such as with spray plastering is no problem at all.

The only thing that matters is that the wall you want to apply acoustic wallpaper to doesn't have any major height differences. Plus, our acoustic wallpaper is not suitable for use on limestone walls.

We recommend using our products only on walls, not on ceilings.

What is acoustic wallpaper made of?

Acoustic wallpaper is made of felt. Created out of 100% recycled PET bottles from local waste. No water is used during production. It is an extremely durable product that does not disintegrate

Our mission is to create a product that has a positive impact on the environment. For ourselves and future generations.

Can I keep it clean?

Yes! It's actually quite easy. The fibres which the acoustic felt is made off are completely saturated with colour pigment. Since they are PET fibres, no dirt will penetrate the fibres. Dirt can get in between the structure of the felt. But you should be able to clean it easily with a slightly damp cloth or a vacuumcleaner. You can always test on our samples.

How about fire hazard?

We hope, that a fire will never be the case off-course. Because it is important to us that our product is safe, Easewall has been tested for performance in the event of a fire. The base material contains fire-retardant fibres. As a result, no hazardous substances or burning particles will be formed in the event of a fire. However the material does burn in the event of a fire.

How can I calculate how many rolls I need for my room?

Follow this 3-step approach to calculate the needed amount. 

Step 1: Measure the height and width of your wall. We will use these later.

Step 2: Calculate the amount of needed lanes.

To do so, divide the width of the wall by 0.75. Always round up to whole numbers.

= total wall width (m) / 0,75 ( width of acoustic wallpaper) Example: 5,8 m / 0,75 m = 7,7 lanes = 8 lanes.

Step 3: Calculate how many lanes you can get from one roll. Here we need the height of the wall. We need to take into account some minor shrinkage and cutting loss. Therefore we add 2% to the heigth.

Depending on your situation, you divide 11m or 5.5m (length of the roll) by the height of your wall.

= 11 m (length of roll) / (height of wall x 1,02)  Example: 11m / (2,7 x 1,02) /= 3,99 lanes = 4 lanes

Step 4: Now that you know how many lanes you can retrieve from one roll, and how many lanes you need. You can calculated the amount of rolls needed.

= number lanes needed / number of lanes you can create out of 1 roll Example: 8 lanes / 4 lanes = 2 rolls of 11m length

Note: We will add a calculator for this onto our website soon. Not sure if you got it right? Just email us: hello@easewall.com

Acoustic panels

What makes your acoustic panels so effective?

Our acoustic panels are completely made from high density acoustic felt. This is why they are almost 4x as effective as wooden slat panels.

Most acoustic panels consist of only a thin layer of felt with laminated wooden slats on top. Although the wooden slats might look good, they acutally reduce the acoustic performace. As sounds bounces off them, back into the room.

My wall is higher than 2.4m, how can I solve this?

It’s not a problem when your walls are higher than 2.40 m – the panels look beautifull even if they don't cover the total area from baseboard to the ceiling.

Alternatvely, the panels can easily be mounted on top of each other, to achieve any length you want. They can be cut with a plunge saw.

We don't provide custom sizing, our panels only come in a standard dimension of 2.4x 0.6 m.

How can I calculate how many panels I need?

To calculate the amount of panels you need, follow the next steps:

Step 1: measure height and width of the wall

Step 2: divide the width of the wall (in m) by 0,6 (width of one panel in meters). Always round up to whole numbers.

If you want help calculating how many panels you need for your project, you can always email or call us.

I hear noise from neighbours/adjacent rooms, will your panels solve this?

Acoustic panels can unfortunately not stop sound transferring from one room to another. The main purpose of panels is to prevent the sound waves from being reflected back into the room by absorbing reverberation.


How much acoustic wallpaper do I need to apply to improve acoustics in my room?

The amount of wallpaper needed to soundproof your room needs to be in proportion to the room size. This means that a large room would need more dampening material than a small room.

A good rule of thumb:

- For a very bad sounding room. Cover one long and one short wall with acoustic wallpaper.

- For a reasonable sounding room. Cover one long wall or two short walls with acoustic wallpaper.

You can find more on about the details here

If you really want to get into the nitty gritty of how much product to apply to get a specific result or reverberation time, use the following online calculator: acoustic calculator

Can I be sure that my bad echo or long reverberation time will go away completely?

It all depends on specifics. The acoustical performance of a room is a combination of all objects (including people) in them. For example; items like a couch, curtains, carpet.

We use a general rule of thumb to to recommend good results. As many living rooms and kitchens as well as bedrooms are quite similar we know these rules of thumb will work for 90% of people. 

You can find our recommendations here

If you have a room without any other soft materials and/or furniture two walls will not be sufficient. In this case we recommend to apply Easewall to 3 or 4 walls of the room for a perfect result.

My problem is that I hear noise from outside or other rooms. Will Easewall acoustical wallpaper solve my problem?

No, it will not. What you experience is result of insufficient acoustical insulation. This is sound traveling into your room from another source. Only reducing the source sound volume, sealing any airleaks into your room, and adding more mass to the total construction will help.

Easewall solves acoustical reverberation problems that are present in rooms that have an echo, long reverberation time and sound very 'harsh'. It tones down sound by absorbing it.

Shipping and Delivery

How much is shipping?

Shipping is calculated at checkout and depends on the region/country of delivery.

I placed an order, when will I get it?

YAY! Orders ship from our Easewall office in the Netherlands within 15 -21 business days from when the order is processed.

During high volume periods, like a sale, the processing time may increase.

For domestic sample orders, Post NL ships in 1-2 business days. For international orders, shipments may take up to 10 business days.

What is your return policy?

Find out anything your want to know about returns

Orders & Payment

I want to change my order – what should I do?

If you want to make a change to your order, we ask that you contact us as soon as possible. We can be reached via +31 (0) 85 06 05 696 and hello@easewall.com.

To change any details for orders we need to hear from you ASAP, since otherwise we might not be able to process changes any more.

My favourite design is out of stock, what do I do?

Remain calm. Help is on the way.

Send us an email at hello@easewall.com to let us know what you are missing. We will find out what we can arrange or let you when your favourite design is back in stock.

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Can I install acoustic wallpaper or acoustic panels in my kitchen?

The product is suitable for use in the kitchen. Because the material does not absorb dirt and you can easily clean it.

For example, install it as a back wall instead of tiles.

I want to use an installer

It's really quite easy to instal our products. So there is no need for installers.

If, however, you would like to have our products installed. We can help you with that. Contact us via the contact page or send an email to hello@easewall.com

Where can I find more details on installation?

You can find an installation manual for all of our product on the installation page.

For specific questions, feel free to reach out to us.


Are there places where I can view Easewall products?

Currently, we do not have designated showrooms available. The best way to get a good impression of our products is by ordering samples, or visiting the inspiration page.

I have another question.

Any questions?

We are here to help answer any questions you might have.

We look forward to hearing from you 

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