We believe there is beauty in keeping complex things, like acoustics, as simple as possible. That's why we have made all of our products easy to use.

Installation is easy

download installation manual

Product specs

Let's get started.

You can simply stick the product on the wall yourself, or have it installed by a professional carpenter/upholsterer if that is what you prefer.

Follow our installation manual for the best results.

Woman installing Easewall acoustical wallpaper in corner of wall

Amount of product needed

To calculate the amount needed we use the following method:

Step 1: Measure the heigth and width of your wall. We will use these later.

Step 2: Calculate the amount of needed lanes

To do this, devide the width of the wall by 0.75. Always round up to whole numbers.

Step 3: Calculate how many lanes you can get from one roll. Here we need the heigth of the wall. We need to take into account some minor shrinkage and cutting loss. Therefore we add 2% to the heigth.

Depending on your situation, you devide 11m or 5.5m (length of the roll) by the heigth of your wall.

Step 4: Now that you know how many lanes you can retrieve from one roll, and how many lanes you need. You can calculated the amount of rolls needed.


The base material for Easewall is polyethylene felt (PET/PES). This felt is created out of more than 80% of recycled material. The main source for this recycling process is used bottles and other PET waste that is collected in Europe.

So you not only improve your home acoustics but also make a sustainable choice for the environment.

- Created from local recycled waste

- Local production around our home base

-Production process does not use any water

- Extremely durable product that does not disintegrate

The self adhesive layer is made in such a way that installation is possible without any prior wallpaper experience. Just peel away the backing and apply to the wall!