Easewall explained

Easewall is new, not like any other acoustic product you've seen before. And it's is hard to imagine something you've never seen before. 

To improve acoustics, you need volume. But you don't want ugly, bulky products in your house. We don't want our homes looking like an office. That's why we developed an elegant product, made of high quality acoustic felt, with beautiful designs.

It looks like a very luxurious wallpaper. But is about 10 times as thick as wallpaper. And because we like to keep things as simple as possible. It is very easy to apply. 


It is made out of a very durable acoustic felt. Because we care about the environment. We carefully chose sustainable materials. That's why Easewall is made from recycled PET fibers. 

But how can a wallpaper absorb sound? 

This ones easy. To absorb sound, you need volume. When you talk or turn on music this creates sound waves. They travel trough the air until they meet an object. When they hit a wall, they bounce back off in different directions. This creates an echo. 

If you apply a material which absorbs the sound waves, the sound does not reflect as much. It will be absorbed by the material. So you can talk freely, or turn up the music without a disturbing echo.


 Acoustic wallpaper is a great solution for you if:

  • there's an echo when multiple people speak in a room
  • you have a tendency of lowering your voice in a room, or you would like others to do so
  • you have a newly decorated house but you feel like your home doesn't feel warm and comfortable
  • you can't fully enjoy the sounds coming from audio/television
  • the room sounds empty, or hollow when you are in an online meeting

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