Acoustic backing

Acoustic backing

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Preliminary collection

Please note that this is a preliminary collection overview. The designs in this collection are still under review and subject to change. Please reach out to us for availability or to discuss custom designs.

Empty couch

Why your good-looking home doesn’t feel right

Are you having trouble hearing what people are saying?

Problems with poor acoustics are a common issue.

When decorating, acoustics are so often forgotten. But good acoustics matter. Without them you’ll experience reverberation, low speech intelligibility and might even have trouble focussing.

Easewall Raw Copper, Forest and Dust designs rolls rolled out over the floor showing designs

Turn your walls into giant sound-absorbers

With our acoustic wallpaper you can seamlessly integrate an acoustic solution into your style.

To improve acoustics, you need volume. But you don’t want ugly, bulky products in your beautiful space.

Be smart, use the walls.

  • 1. Base layer

    Self-adhesive acoustic wallpaper, 6 mm thick. Made from recycled PET felt.

  • 2. Top layer print

    Seamless acoustic wallpaper, 2 mm thick, recycled PET felt, printed. Applied as a seamless finish.



  • Height 200 - 300 cm
    • Width 200 - 1000 cm
    • Total 8mm thickness (6 + 2 mm)
    • Seamless result
    • Easy to install

    Order, delivery and guarantee:

    • Delivered in sturdy carton box and on a roll
    • International shipping
    • 5 year guarantee

It's as easy as 1, 2, ... done

Stick our patented self-adhesive base layer to the wall. Then, just iron on the seamless 2mm thick top layer.

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