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Sound-absorbing acoustic wallpaper that blends into your interior. Reduce echo and improve your home acoustics to feel at ease in your home. Made from recycled materials and easy to apply through self-adhesive backing.

The Raw collection: Make your walls stand out. Add a luxurious feel to your room.

Why your good-looking home doesn’t feel right.

Empty couch
Easewall Raw Copper, Forest and Dust designs rolls rolled out over the floor showing designs

Turn your walls into giant sound-absorbers

Hear the difference

Sound on!

High class sound absorption

More on acoustics

Good sound absorption

The technical details you need to know.

Detail of backing of Easewall acoustical wallpaper showing self-adhesive layer peel off

We thought about all the details

More on installation

Order samples

Don't take our word for it..try them out yourself.

We totally get you... choosing the right design can be hard.

Samples are the best way to get a good impression. This way you can see, feel and try out different designs at home. So that you know for sure what the right choice is, to make the most of your home.

p.s don't forget to feel how soft the material is!

Sound waves reflecting off a wall and partly being absorbed by sound absorbing material

Reverberation within the room

When you experience reverberation or echo within a room, you need sound absorbing products. Acoustic wallpaper is a strong sound absorber and will help you improve your room acoustics.

Sound isolation through wall explained how much sound goes through

Sound transfer between rooms

When you hear sounds that come from adjacent rooms, you need sound isolating product. Acoustic wallpaper will not help solve this issue.

All your questions answered

Remain calm. Help is on the way.

Send us an email at hello@easewall.com to let us know what you are missing.

We will find out what we can arrange or let you when your favourite design is back in stock.

It's all a matter of taste.

No matter what you choose, you can count on improvement of your home acoustics. Both our product are good sound absorbers.

Our acoustic panels are made up from 21mm acoustic felt, therefore they are >3x as thick as our acoustic wallpaper. So if you wish to only cover a small area, we suggest you choose panels.

Our acoustic wallpaper is lined with a self-adhesive layer and takes up little space, because of it's relatively limited thickness (6mm). If you have a minor-mild acoustic issue and want to cover at least 1-2 whole walls, this is your best choice.

You may find it interesting to read this article, here we outline the individual differences of all available acoustic products.

Not at all. Installation is easy. Our wallpaper has a self-adhesive layer. You peel of the backing, and stick the material to the wall. All you have to do is adjust the length to the height of your ceiling.

Our acoustic panels can be mounted directly to any existing wall using screws or an adhesive.

No, it will not. What you experience is result of insufficient acoustical insulation. This is sound traveling into your room from another source. Only reducing the source sound volume, sealing any airleaks into your room, and adding more mass to the total construction will help. Our products solve acoustical reverberation problems that are present in rooms that have an echo, long reverberation time and sound very 'harsh'. It tones down sound by absorbing it.

Find out anything your want to know about returns

Go to our contact page and drop any other questions there. Or send an email to hello@easewall.com. We will get back to you ASAP.

Any type of wall? Probably not. But almost every type? Certainly!

The wall does not have to be plastered perfectly smooth. A fine relief such as with spray plastering is no problem at all.

The only thing that matters is that the wall you want to apply Easewall to doesn't have any major height differences. Plus, Easewall is not suitable for use on limestone walls.

We recommend using Easewall only on walls, not on ceilings.

If you would like to have Easewall installed. We can help you with that. Contact us via the contact page or send an email to hello@easewall.com.

Our promise to you

We develop high-quality acoustic products in a sustainable way. We help families around the world improve their home acoustics, so they can feel at ease.

That's why over the past few years, we have done extensive research and development to get to the best acoustic products that:

  • - Dampen sound frequencies in the speech range effectively
  • - Are extremely easy to install and take care of
  • - Are created out of re-cycled materials.

We care about sustainability and the environment

Woman listening to music in cozy home setting

What our customers are saying.

We think you'll love acoustic wallpaper, but don't just take our word for it. Hear why these happy customers love their Easewall products.

Trustpilot review of great quality and service about Easewall acoustic wallpaper
Trustpilot review mentioning that Easewall acoustic wallpaper really improves acoustics in a room and handy A4 samples are availalbe on the website
Trustpilot review that mentions a customer buying Easewall improving echo in multiple rooms after installation